Constant Contact Review

Constant Contact Review

Constant Contact is a pioneer in the email marketing industry having started in 1995. Since then, they are one of the most sought after email marketing software in the globe, hosting more than 650,000 users.

What makes them unique from others is due to their expansion of features over the last few years. These include features that other email marketing platform don’t have, like surveys, event marketing tool, and email marketing campaigns. All of these complete their broad-ranging line up of email options offered, aside from existing newsletters and marketing automation. Apart from these great options, it also provides a marketplace with more than 400 integrations and apps that accommodate the majority of the niche of products. If you are looking for a reliable and outstanding email marketing solution for your business, then this might be a great option to consider. Get to know this marketing platform now.

What is Constant Contact?

Constant Contact is an email marketing software that assists small businesses, individuals, and non-profit to determine the capacity and power of the internet with a substantial selection of web building, domain, eCommerce, online marketing tools, marketing automation and logo making. You can make professional emails, look for brand new clients, and generate sales towards your business. You can also access a custom-made website in just a matter of a few minutes, using their smart and innovative website builder. Set up is also free. With this, you can open your very own online shop and begin selling your product or service. It has a free logo maker, and you can access hundreds of customizable choices in just a few seconds. Also, this app offers real-time monitoring tools that will give you valuable insights on who’s clicking, opening, and sharing your emails. They make it incredibly effortless to personalize an email template and curate expert, mobile-responsive emails that fit and look good on all devices, including phones, tablets, and computers.

Constant Contact is robust email automation and email marketing software that will aid you in becoming more productive at utilizing email and social marketing to achieve, transform and maintain clients.

Constant Contact Home

Constant Contact Pricing

Constant Contact comes with two exclusive plans, namely email and email plus. From these two plans, you can access customizable templates, robust features, and all the other marketing support that you need to achieve successful results. On top of that, your first month is free!

Email Plan

Constant Contact has an email plan that costs $20 per month. However, the price of the email plan may still vary according to the number of contacts that you wish to have. Here are the features included in the email plan:

Email Plus Plan

Constant Contract has an email plus plan that costs $45 per month. However, the price of the email plan may still vary according to the number of contacts that you wish to have. Here are the features included in the email plus plan:

Constant Contact Features

Constant Contact has been helping business owners and entrepreneurs for the longest time now, with the following features:

Free Trial

No excuse not to try Constant Contact. They provide a free no-obligation trial for their email marketing software. All you need to do is to provide your email address, and you can start seeing outcomes right after sending your first campaigns. You know you love free stuff and effective campaigns.

Attractive templates

Aside from having a plethora of ready-to-use email templates that fit your requirements, Constant Contact also ensures that their templates are easy to style and customize. With this, you can instantly begin sending your information to all the contacts that you have listed.

Reporting tools

Monitoring your marketing performance has never been this simple and easy, thanks to the reporting facility. In just a few seconds, you will instantly see an appealing, easy-to-understand report tailored to your marketing performance so that you can achieve attainable outcomes fast.

Image Management

This software made inserting photos to your emails extremely easy using their lightweight library function. Aside from this, you can also access thousands of free pictures in the library if you can’t seem to find the right image.

Event spot

Do you manage events daily? This particular feature can upgrade your work by painlessly designating an event, such as templates intended for event registration pages and landing pages. With just a few clicks and tweaks, you can establish an event, and it’s up to Constant Contact to handle the monitoring of registrations and even collect the payments.


Deliver coupons to a group of clients that you can monitor in a breeze. Stay up-to-date on which customer is utilizing them to assist in constructing and expanding your customer base.


Do you have a specific email that you send out daily? Do you want each person who registers to your newsletter to be sent a particular email on a particular day? The autoresponder feature of Constant Contact will help you instantly designate a group of emails that will be sent automatically to particular clients.

Social Media Integration

Besides having the ability to send your newsletter with a few clicks on the social media platform that you choose, you can also integrate campaigns to sites such as Facebook. Social media extensions will help you expand and grow your business. Integration with social media is an integral part of email automation.

Contact Management

One thing about Constant Contact is that they have a very influential Contact Management System that is 100% customizable. You can tag contacts, add custom fields, and many more. Exporting and importing the email list is done effortlessly. Plus, it will assist you in managing, organizing, and cleaning your records to prevent duplication.


Constant Contact sports 98% of deliverability rate, which guarantees that your contacts will get the emails that you sent out by creating a more effective marketing effort.

Free apps for Toolkit

You can operate your Toolkit no matter where you are using the mobile apps of Constant Contact. With these apps on your phone, you’ll never have to worry about missing a beat in your bustling day since you can bring the Toolkit wherever your sojourn.

Advantages of Constant Contact

Here are some of the benefits of using Constant Contact:

Personalized and targeted contents

Constant Contact allows you to segment your clients into various lists according to their likings to share highly-customized emails. From designing the most suitable subject lines up to photos that reflect your clients, and compelling content that aids your audience, email is the best platform to send these personalized messages.

Establish credibility

Emails that came from an unknown sender or had odd subject lines may be spam. Spam and suspicious emails usually trigger customers to delete the email. You need to customize your content based on your customer’s preferences. Being able to determine what they want and need will help you create an email that they will surely read and not consider as spam. Making a permission-based email list that comes with a checkbox for users to correlate to your email list guarantees that your potential customers know what they are signing up for and how they will get emails from you.

Improved brand recognition

With Constant Contact, you can match the branding from your website straight to the designs of your email. However, brand recognition is more than just an outline. If you regularly feed valuable and essential content to your target audience, they will start to familiarize themselves with it and even wait for your emails.

Improved brand recognition

With Constant Contact, you can match the branding from your website straight to the designs of your email. However, brand recognition is more than just an outline. If you regularly feed valuable and essential content to your target audience, they will start to familiarize themselves with it and even wait for your emails.

Improve sales

When you promote your business via email marketing, it will help your customers make an informed purchase conveniently from their computer or phone. The email marketing solutions offered can help distribute products and services to prospects, improve revenues, upsell to present clients, and get in touch again with previous clients that haven’t made any purchase for a while now.

Generate more traffic to your website

Emails are one of the most effective ways to encourage your clients to visit your site. You can put links to your website on the email content that you are writing. You can also utilize email marketing campaigns to inspire clients to take action and visit other parts of content on your blog or website.

Create and maintain the excitement

Every customer loves to be part of a select group, most especially if there are exclusive rewards and bonuses. Take note that your customers have different preferences, and one-size-fits-all logic won’t work here. With Constant Contact, you can make email campaigns that will make your customers feel unique and essential to your company. Other than this, you can also reward them for being loyal by giving gifts, coupons, discount codes, or maybe an exclusive sneak peek to your upcoming product launch – it’s all up to you. If you are just a starting business with limited resources, you can’t go around offering gifts to your clients. A little something is enough to make them feel special.

A stronger relationship with the client

Constant Contact can help you create long-lasting and stronger relationships with your clients by giving them the information that they want to receive straight to their inbox regularly. When you help make their lives better in certain aspects, they will learn to trust and appreciate you. Subsequently, they will start to rely on your company for the information that they need, and thank you for delivering it to them.

Reporting to know which is useful and not

Constant Contact monitors the click-through rate to determine how many clients made an effort to open your email and click the links it contained.

Pros and Cons of Constant Contact


  • It helps you manage your subscribers in a simple and straightforward management style.
  • Allows you to create a professional-looking email campaign with built-in spell checker, unlimited access to the free stock image library, and image editing and cropping
  • Enables users to create sign up forms; set up a photo library; make email campaigns;
  • Free and paid plan available
  • The customer support team is amazing
  • Monitors open rates and offer smart suggestions on how to improve them


  • Outdated interface
  • Not ideal for designing emails
  • Templates are very hard to customize
  • A/B testing doesn’t offer sufficient data to fit business needs


Constant Contact is a good fit for a starting market. If you are a business owner or entrepreneur who is seeking for a simple and easy way to begin growing and building your contacts, then this email marketing software is the best option for you. It works with non-technical users in mind. It offers stellar customer support and a massive number of educational resources. Overall, this software delivers a solid work of transforming email marketing into a convenient method for those who are rookie in the field.

See all the great things it can do for your business.

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